Anhui UNEO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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Anhui UNEO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Phone Number: 0551-6554600

Customer Service Hotline: 400-877-0605

Operations Center: 1902-1912 CBD Central Plaza, 365 Changjiang Middle Rd, Luyang District, Hefei

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We can enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain and make friends with people from all over the world if we keep our promises.

We will keep our promises that we have made to users and partners on the day when we reach the leading place of the industry.

This is the interpretation of UNEO brand and the oath the UNEO team made when it was established in 2010.

At the Top


UNEO team always chases excellence.

Be strict with oneself and lenient with others. Change ourselves first, then change the world.

Our Promises and Oaths 


Our credit is something that is more important than life.

Sales volume and order are both important, but credit is more important than them.

Every customer is our lifelong friend. We will never feel lonely in life with our friends.

We abide by the Tobacco Monopoly Law and will never engage in illegal tobacco sales.

Our Values


The way of doing business is like that of being a man. We ensure that every penny spent by our users is worth it, that every effort put in by our partners pays off, and that our employees never regret joining us.

We respect women and elders, and take the initiative to help the weak. We will eliminate commercial bribery and fulfill our social responsibility.